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From the caves in France to galleries in Mexico City, our world knows the effect of art on our culture. Art conveys messages that stimulate ideas and pushes the boundaries on what we know to be functional or dysfunctional. 

One of the thing that makes an artist feel accomplished is the fact that we can do something  impactful for the community around us, our world.  

I founded Gallery 18 during a stint with a Women's Business program at Youngstown  Business Incubator. It's there I learned the why and purpose of operating my business. 

Gallery 18 is currently located in the Mahoning County area. We are a working studio gallery open to the public upon appointment.

  My thanks and faith unto My Saviour Jesus Christ, Husband Domingo Vega, and 3 kids for being supportive.

 Favorite artist: every artist

If I can talk to any artist: Diego Rivera, Elizabeth Catlett, Bezalel of Exodus,

Favorite art movement: Harlem + Chicago Renaissance/Andre Breton/Picasso-ism (Cubism)

Favorite style: Bodypaint artist/ graffiti writers/African and native tribal artistry

Multiple Gallery Exhibitions 

Hosting of regional art popup markets

Local recognition

 Minority Business Enterprise designation certification

Graduate of Youngstown Business Incubator: marketing and business planning 2017 - 2018

Member of Women's Business Center located in Cleveland Ohio

Winner of National Endowment of the Arts 2015 "my story"

Poland Town Crier -2016 business spotlight

African-American Marketplace Vindicator -2018 spotlight

Youngstown Warren Regional Chamber of Commerce business member: 2020