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Monica Vega Artist/Founder of Gallery 18

My name is Monica Vega—the founder of Gallery 18. I am a visual artist who loves to create & invent new & unique styles, specializing in contemporary artwork—different designs and genres of portraiture, sketches, drawings, age progressions, acrylic washes, pallets, murals, T-shirts, shoes, art consultations, & abstractions.

 I founded Gallery 18 in the year of 2017 but my journey as an artist 

 began almost two decades prior. As a young woman in her early twenties, my seemingly late interest in art began to bloom, but it wasn't long before my hobby quickly turned into a serious pursuit. My art was featured in my first professional show in the year of 2002 at an art gallery on the west side of Cleveland, Ohio named Mosaic Gallery. I sold from a group of twenty-five artists to a major collector, which was a significant accomplishment that helped move me forward.

Soon after this, I was promptly scouted by a woman from Ann Arbor, Michigan—a non-traditional artist who studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art. Our connection led to a plethora of career-altering opportunities, as I was then given access to a building reserved specifically for artists—artists ranging from professors to graduates of New York City Art School. It was there where I learned ranks, and therefore, perfected my skill. I then proceeded to participate in both local and out-of-state art exhibitions, deepened my research on art history classes at Cleveland State University, and learned from other professionals on how to present, stage, and set up for exhibitions—ranging from markets, interviews, media, designs, etc..

After taking a hiatus from the years 2005 to 2009, I revisited my craft with enthusiasm, vibrantly sketching, drawing, and creating in my basement. (I even had enough inspiration to launch a YouTube channel, which I later deemed unsuccessful.) However, it was in the year 2009 when I began to tap into the abundance rooted deep within my career choice & began standing on the  conclusion that I was created for a purpose much bigger than myself. The more steps I took forward—renting studios, re-enrolling to business school, and re-educating myself on the new direction art was taking from the years 2009 to 2016—the more my confidence was built. 

By the time I got to the year 2017, I launched Gallery 18.  As this business is a direct reflection of the many victories and challenges I've faced throughout my life, I am most excited to introduce a sophisticated culture of art and knowledge that is not readily available within our current market. Knowing what it takes to live as a creative, an artist. I am ready to extend my expression of art through shapes, style, and design with you.

Also, find me on Business Suite and Facebook at "Gallery 18".

Browse to plan your visit or to shop. (Prices start at $40 for in-gallery artwork and $150 for unique commissioned pieces.)  Ways to PAY on Purchase Page.

 You can  contact me on Instagram @monicaofgallery18 and/or @monicav5. Also, find me on Business Suite and Facebook at "Gallery 18". 

P.S Check out our new movie on our Galleria Page!

What our customers are saying

Such a treat to me artist Monica Vega Gallery 18 at the Youngstown Flea last weekend.Her charming  portrait twins immediately reminded me of my two very happy years being a college roommate.

So I bought it!!


"She going to love this portrait"

-  pet owner "